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Walfas - Luna Clock ~ Lunar Dial :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 38 7 Walfas - Orin's Epic Battle :icongii828:Gii828 11 4
Mature content
ITSW - Roaches :iconmariosonichq:MarioSonicHQ 8 3
Walfas Custom - Airplane Prop :icongii828:Gii828 8 2
Plucky Rambles: The Secret to my Walfas Edits.
Hello all, Plucky here~ how's your day going? Mine's fine, just did more cleaning as per usual.
First off, I would like to know something: why you guys watch me in the first place (y'all are awesome, by the way, and I love you. ^^). Use this sentence:
Came for ______! Stayed for the ______
Second, I'll be explaining how I do Walfas edits. I may have made a few tutorials, but here, I will be explaining how I "expand the border" on said edits.
Basically speaking, my secret to doing Walfas edits is this: challenging yourself and your skills. On a somewhat more elaborate note, think of it this way:
Turn an everyday thing into something more grand.
Here's an example: Say you have a box, but want to turn it into something better, like a fortress or a TV. So, what do you do? Modify the box itself so it can be that TV or fortress. Go past the limit, and unleash your creativity.
Apply the scenario above to Wa
:iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 4 2
Tutorial - Gradients with White Lines :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 17 3 I'm a Sheep :icondihaiqal:dihaiqal 18 4 4Koma Friday: Reimu The Racist :iconfullhitpoints:FullHitPoints 22 23 WSWC: Story of Eastern Wonderland in a Shellnut :iconfullhitpoints:FullHitPoints 67 26 Xbaux Oen edit :iconrumia126:Rumia126 9 13 Futo Problems :icondarkstar-001:Darkstar-001 12 6 Neon Kirby 2 - Beam, Spark, and Leaf :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 27 4 Walfas Custom Background - World of Fantasies :iconmyonnyanmukyuu:MyonNyanMukyuu 14 2 Birthday...? :icondarkstar-001:Darkstar-001 6 2 Kirby - 25th Anniversary 'Lost Sanity' :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 98 16 Mystic Square Explained :iconfullhitpoints:FullHitPoints 26 41



CameronWallace's Profile Picture
Cameron Wallace
United States
Just a guy who likes Walfas & stuff. Home of the Confused Writer strips.

Confused Writer (C.W.): An upstart author who has set up shop in the Forest of Magic. He doesn't get many customers. He's also a bit of an *sshole.
DNA: 3.4:Confused Writer:100:129:221:129:164:17:87:11:11:1:0:5B3326:FFF1DD:0

BlackDragon the Destroyer: Originally a joke character, but he's a well-meaning individual who works as an apprentice at C.W.'s shop, the Curious Waypoint. His name comes from an old villain name I came up with when I was 10.
DNA: 3.4: BlackDragon the Destroyer:94:219:54:327:271:125:5:10:0:14:103:101010:FFF1DD:0

Archibald: C.W.'s Doppelganger. He comes from the Doppelganger Dimension and is trying to get to know the individuals of the Real World.
DNA: 3.4:Archibald:100:225:221:34:138:17:96:11:0:12:0:5B3326:FFF1DD:0

Carol des Cloches: A shinigami who likes to play pranks on those in the real world as well as her own employers. Because of this, she gets fired. Today, she just hangs around Gensokyo, playng pranks and just being a general nuisance. The last part of her name is French for "of the Bells" making her name "Carol of the Bells".
DNA: 3.4:Carol des Cloches:96:0:73:322:171:62:1:13:105:0:0:FFFF64:FFF1DD:0


Zero/Zero-Two Props (Kirby Dreamland 3/Kirby 64)
These are the Zero Props/Backgrounds that I've been using recently.

Zero's Body
4 Zero Eyes
2 Zero Closed Eyes
Eye Socket
Zero Eyeball Inner
Zero Eyeball Outer
3 Different Wing Parts
3 Backgrounds

*EDIT* removed some debris surrounding the props.
*EDIT 2* added closed eyes
The Only Channel
So, you know how google creates thumbnails of your most visited sites and puts them on your homepage?  Well, this happened and I thought it was just to perfect.
Masterminds (Yukari + Zero-Two) [Kirby x Touhou]
Was originally simply a practice, but I decided to pretty it up and make it look cool.

As always, any and all constructive criticism is appreciated.


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